Collection of 2019 Fiscal Year Data

Municipalities and Counties provide fiscal data that is used at both the Federal and State level to provide various user groups information on funding and functions of local governments in North Carolina. This information is not audited, but self-reported by local governments and should agree with their annual audit but summarized differently. U.S. Census and the North Carolina State Treasurer have collaborated to make this web-based form available for North Carolina Municipal and County Governments. Each county and municipality is assigned a discrete username. If you do not have access to your username please call 919-814-4299.
This is a Census Bureau computer system. Census Bureau computer systems are provided for the processing of official U.S. Government information only. All data contained within Census Bureau computer systems is owned by the Census Bureau and may be monitored intercepted recorded read copied or captured in any manner and disclosed in any manner by authorized personnel. THERE IS NO RIGHT OF PRIVACY IN THIS SYSTEM. System personnel may disclose any potential evidence of crime found on Census Bureau computer systems to appropriate authorities. USE OF THIS SYSTEM BY ANY USER AUTHORIZED OR UNAUTHORIZED CONSTITUTES CONSENT TO THIS MONITORING INTERCEPTION RECORDING READING COPYING CAPTURING and DISCLOSURE OF COMPUTER ACTIVITY. Use of this computer without authorization or for unauthorized purposes is a violation of federal law and punishable by fines or imprisonment (Public Law 99-474).
Please enter your username and password in the login fields to gain access to your form. To submit a prior year's AFIR, please email with the request.
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Login Help     If you need help logging into the system please email the support staff at or call 301-763-5153 or 1-800-242-4523.
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If you have any questions regarding the content of the AFIR, please call the Fiscal Management Section of the NC State Treasurer at 919-814-4299. Please note that training materials can be found on the NC Treasurer's web site at

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