Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 2009
Description: This report includes national and state summary data on public libraries in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, with an introduction, selected findings, and several tables. The report, based on data from the Public Libraries Survey for fiscal year 2009, includes information on visitation, circulation, the availability and use of library computing resources, staffing, library collections and services, and fiscal information such as operating revenue and expenditures. The report includes several key findings: Nationwide, visits to public libraries totaled 1.59 billion, or 5.4 library visits per capita. There were 2.41 billion circulations of library materials (8.1 per capita) and 1.4 uses of Internet PCs per capita during fiscal year 2009. The Public Libraries Survey data includes detailed geographic information to help describe the communities that public libraries serve. IMLS uses this additional information to explore the ways in which libraries are meeting the needs of these diverse communities.
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Cover Date: October 2011
Web Release: October 2011    
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Authors: Deanne W. Swan, Kim A. Miller, Terri Craig, Suzanne Dorinski, Michael Freeman, Natasha Isaac, Patricia O'Shea, Peter Schilling, Jennifer Scotto
Type of Product: Publication 
Survey: Public Library Survey
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