Question When will the new SF-SAC 2013 form be available?

Answer At this time, the Form SF-SAC 2013 Data Collection is not yet approved. The Form will be approved 30 days after the second Federal Register notice is published. An update will be posted on this website after the second Federal Register notice is published.
Question Will I be granted an extension for the 2013 single audits?

Answer If a single audit for a fiscal period ending in 2013 is due before the 2013 Form is available, auditees will not be able to meet the 30 day or 9 month deadlines for submission prescribed by OMB Circular A-133 §_.320(a). Therefore, OMB has granted an extension until January 31, 2014. The extension is automatic and there is no approval required. The extension applies only to single audits for the fiscal periods ending in 2013.
Question When is the new Internet Data Entry System (IDES) being launched?

Answer The new IDES website will be available on Thursday (November 14) for submitting audits with fiscal periods ending in 2008-2012. In preparation for the release of the new IDES, this website will be offline on Tuesday (November 12) and Wednesday (November 13). Users will be unable to submit reporting packages to the Clearinghouse on these two days.
Question What changes should I expect for the new IDES?

Answer The new IDES will require users to create an account the first time using the new site. User accounts will be based on an e-mail address and will allow for access to audits previously submitted or not yet completed. Download a PDF of the changes to find out more.