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Census of Governments Modernization & Re–engineering

In 2008, Governments Division began a program modernization and re–engineering effort with the goal of undertaking the majority of changes by the 2012 Census of Governments. This program modernization addresses all facets of the Census of Governments from content, to business analysis, to information technology infrastructure, to dissemination and outreach, and was guided in part, by a 2007 review by the Committee on National Statistics Symbol indicating that link is external to this site. (CNStat) report (State and Local Government Statistics at a Crossroads). In recognition of the need to preserve the integrity of the Census of Governments historical data with the need for more relevant data, we have implemented a strategy to modernize and re–engineer our collections and processes while strengthening our relationships with our data users. We have implemented a three–pronged approach involving a series of data user exchanges, implementation of a research program, and business and information technology modernization.

Data User Exchanges

In order to ensure the relevance and usability of Governments Division programs, the Governments Division implemented a series of data user exchanges. These exchanges began with a series of five exchanges in the fall and winter of 2009–2010 and a data user workshop in March, 2010.

These meetings explored the varying needs of the data user community as Governments Division addresses potential changes to the content of the Census of Governments, and its related annual and quarterly programs.

Data User Exchanges
Governments Division Workshop


Research Program

In 2009, Governments Division launched a formal research program to address what is needed to improve the quality, timeliness, and relevance of the statistics on state and local governments. It chronicles known current and future research projects for the Census of Governments and related surveys as well as the known research needs of sponsors. The program establishes a research report series and provides opportunities to develop division staff, and facilitate knowledge transfer and succession planning.

Research Program for Surveys of Governments [PDF, 334KB]

Released papers from the research report series can be found on the Governments Publications page.

Process Modernization & Re–engineering

Governments Division has embarked on an effort for the full integration of our business processes and information technology to allow for greater flexibility, process improvements and efficiencies in operations and statistical quality. The principle drivers of this process modernization and re–engineering include the input from the data user exchanges, the results of the Division’s Research Program, and a series of evaluations of our programs and processes.

The effort is being conducted in two phases: Phase I consisted of a complete evaluation of the existing systems, database architecture, software applications, as well as all business processes on a survey–by–survey basis to identify areas for improvement. Phase II will develop a concept of operations, database architecture, system requirements, and both conceptual and physical data models.

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